RTT combines aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), neuroplasticity and psychotherapy to retrain and rewire your mind to resolve any issues you’re currently struggling with. Let’s get you on the road to a healthy, happy life.

How does it work?

How is RTT® different from other therapies?

What should I expect from a session?

My clients. Their words.

“RTT is a complete game changer for me. After years of insomnia, I now sleep through the night.”

Aldo C.

“I got more out of one session with Victoria than I have from years of rehab.”
Dara W.

“I had a wonderful session with Victoria around money blocks. She did an amazing session and led me to scenes from my childhood that were the cause of my issues. Not only did I suddenly see where this came from, I also understood that that’s what was holding me back from making money. Victoria made a beautiful transformational audio that helped me to install new beliefs instead of the old, harmful, self-sabotaging patterns.
Victoria is a fantastic therapist. I highly recommend her!”

Monika T.

RTT has significantly helped my golf game. I just hit the longest drive ever!”

George J.

“I met Victoria when she came to speak at my outpatient facility. I wish I would have met her before I went to treatment. I learned so much about why I was an addict and the audio she made for me was life changing.”
Charlie M.

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